Something Different

If committing to regular counselling sessions is not something you are looking for at this time then why not try six weeks of mindfulness training, a one off mindfulness taster session, a confidence building session, or you may prefer to walk and talk rather than be in a room face to face with a counsellor.


Come and explore mindfulness and become more focused and present in life. I offer a six-week introduction to mindfulness or, if you prefer, a one off taster session. Mindfulness practice enables us to slow down from our helter-skelter rush through life. Finding a sense of calm can help to reduce stress or anxiety. The use of mindfulness techniques can also help us to prepare for an important one off event.

The six-week introduction will be tailored to your own personal requirements and include: relaxation techniques, mindful movement, understanding negative thoughts, the benefits of positive self-regard and finding those ‘wow’ moments.

At the end of the six weeks you will have a personal mindfulness plan that you can use to build your daily mindfulness practice.

Monthly Mindful Walk

These walks take place on the first Wednesday morning of every month, starting from Kersey Mill at 9.30am and offer an opportunity to apply mindfulness to a love of walking. Making use of the natural rhythm of walking we will be noticing, sensing and just being human (with our mobile phones off). This is ideal for those that enjoy walking alone or with friends.

All walks are led and approx. 4 miles in length, at an easy going pace – although they may not be stile free.

Walks are free of charge and those attending walk at their own risk.

For further information and booking please contact me.
(Booking is essential)

Walking and Talking Therapy

Walking gives us a natural rhythm, being outside brings a sense of calm and perspective and nature itself can be healing. Adding expert talking to this can give you a different experience; one that benefits both our emotional and physical health. We agree on the place and you set the pace and distance.

Please contact me for more information and session cost on any of the above.